TalkingTablet Communications Aids

image of the talking tablet
Talking Tablets help people with speech or learning difficulties to communicate.
There are different Talking Tablets to meet different user needs offering text, symbols or photos as well as a choice of voices.

some symbols of joy
For children and adults alike, Talking Tablets support people with a range of disabilities such as autism, aphasia,
dysarthria, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy,
and those recovering from a stroke.

Developed for the Android platform, the TalkingTablet is supplied on 10 inch tablets and offers a wide range of symbol solutions or text writing with human spoken voicing for the user, or a carer or family member to set up for an individual user. Ideal for those with autism.

TalkingTablet uses the royality free symbols from the Mulberry collection and the open source tablet Android.

TalkingTablet is a VAT exempt product and has a two year warranty and 12 months extendable support service.

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