TalkingTablet Communications Aids

User Symbol Communicator
The TalkingTablet User Symbol Communication Aid is designed for parents or carers to customise the
program for the user to best suit their needs.
A sample of the various categories within the User Communication Aid is shown below.
Symbols for the User ar selected from the wide range of categories. Locate the "Start Words" you want to use followed by any of the
symbols from the wide range of symbols available. Touch the symbol to add to the users Communication Aid, when you have created all of
the symbols you need for the user press the blue arrow button to return to the Menu.

Any symbol can be edited by text and the spoken word, for items that do not have a symbol or a specific item or location, just take a picture
with the inbuilt camera of it and name it with the text editor, this is your personal symbol creation faccility.
The opening display with the main Communicate Button to touch to start the application.

The additional buttons provide to Exit the application or to enter the Menu.

The Menu provides the ability to add and modify a created communication aid, delete any selected symbols, manage the speech responses
and rename any symbols to a user choice.
All of the TalkingTablet Communication Aids include voice control which allows the user to have speech on all the time or only at the
completion of the statement.
Voicing of the symbol statement is available in either a male or female voice with full highlighting of the symbol as the statement is
Using the inbuilt camera photos can be taken and a text name added for voicing. The photo is then converted into a symbol.
Every symbol text and spoken text is editable with the inbuilt text editor. This makes any symbol or photo both acceptable and friendly
in use. 
Customised symbol sets can be provided to meet specific user needs such as gender or ethnic choice.
TalkingTablet User Symbol Communication Aid is a low cost solution designed to support children and adults who need the ability to
communicate but have great difficulties in direct voicing speech to explain or express.
TalkingTablets support people with a range of disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, dysarthria, and
Complete tablet systems from £350.
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