Portset Systems has been engaged in the creation, design and production of devices and services for the disabled for some 30 years.
Principally in the area of visually impairment Portset has provided novel products to users in both the UK as well as Internationally. 
Award winning products include Talking Teletext, British English Text to Speech Document Reading machine, Accessible  Digital
Freeview receivers with talking menus and control and recently our SBRI projects in Accessible Android and the creation of un-tether
switches and joystick control for wheelchair users for use in computer applications.
Portset has as a result of the SBRI projects identified major problems faced by disabled users, particularly students in needing to access
technology but being limited by their mobility problems. Using information from our project stakeholder colleges, Portset set about
designing a range of secure wireless products which have been highly praised during user trials as offering significant enhancements to
user leaning ability.
Accessibility has been a requirement championed by Portset through it’s design and production of products over the years and the
knowledge and experience built up within the company is applied to all new concepts.
Tablet technology has been identified by Portset as being highly suitable to meet a wide range of needs, and requirements of disable
people, children and adults providing them with greater independence and confidence.
Using open source technology and licence free options Portset is able to offer a wide range of specialist solutions to a wide range of
users who have different disabilities.

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